Citizen Foresters Green Grand Rapids By Planting Trees


Citizen foresters learn to care for and properly plant trees in parks and neighborhoods. Photo by Stacey Miller.

By Howard Meyerson

People often think forests grow somewhere other than in cities, but licensed forester Margaret Studer says it’s not so. Urban forests are found all around Grand Rapids – in parks, residential neighborhoods and even cemeteries. That’s why Studer works with area volunteers who want to green the community by planting trees and becoming a Citizen Forester.

“Our work is broader than city parks,” notes Studer, director of the Urban Forest Project, a program of Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, the non-profit that works closely with the city to maintain and promote its parks. “Urban forests aren’t just on public lands. We work with residents on their own bits of forest and public spaces.”

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer for something good and enjoy being outdoors, consider reading on and learning more about the program and joining the others who are working to green the city. You can find out more in my latest piece for Experience GR Blog.

About Howard Meyerson

After more than 30 years in the outdoor writing business, you would think I'd know better.
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