Updated Guide to Midwest Fly Hatches Released

Ann Miller shows off a large brown trout caught on the Muskegon River.

Ann Miller is at it again. The Michigan-based aquatic biologist, fly-angler and president of the Fly Girls of Michigan Inc., a Federation of Fly Fishers chapter dedicated to introducing women to fly fishing, has come out with an updated version of her popular 2012 book, “Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams.”

The new 380-page guide is now published by StackPole Books and titled “Pocketguide to Upper Midwest Hatches.” It is an expanded version of the original, a compendium of the flies found on Upper Midwest streams, their life cycles, characteristics, the seasons they hatch and the artificial flies that imitate them along with recipes for tying each.

“All of the fly recipes have been updated,” Miller said. “And I have added important terrestrial insects and a few aquatic insect life cycle stages that did not get included in my first hatch guide.”

Miller, who lives in Michigan, started fly fishing 35 years ago. She is a hardcore fly angler with 5 grandchildren who has spent years studying stream insects both on the water and at her home. Her new book has a similar layout as the first, a format she calls “user-friendly with large photographs.”

“The sections have a color-coded page edge to make flipping between bugs easier,” Miller said, “Mayflies are blue-edged pages, caddis are brown-edges, stoneflies are green edges, terrestrials and extra aquatics are maroon, and fly recipes are gray… I put the page number of the fly recipe with each artificial pattern to make it a better and easier reference for fly tying.”

The updated book is hardcover, something Miller initially worried about, but she says it still fits in a quart-sized Ziplock bag and can be stowed in a pack or sling.

“Sadly, it still does not float,” she quipped.

Cover of Ann Miller’s new book.

Price: $29.95. Copies can by ordered directly from Ann Miller. Send emails to:  MidwestHatches@gmail.com.

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