Chasing Waterfalls

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is known for its scenery. Stretching along Lake Superior to the north and Lake Michigan to the south, it is a beautiful part of the state, filled with national forests, dramatic cliffs, a national lakeshore and an abundance of lakes, streams and waterfalls.

On a recent hiking trip in the Marquette/Munising area (eastern-central U.P.) I set out to hunt for a few waterfalls I hadn’t seen before. There are hundreds of falls in Michigan, according to authorities. All but one is in the Upper Peninsula. Some are huge, dramatic. Many are small and peaceful. The best are accessible by road or boat and on foot by hiking trail.

Timeless in their natural beauty, waterfalls often compel us to stop for a moment, to ponder their power, to hear their songs, to appreciate their natural surroundings. They invite us to sit in meditation and absorb their sights and sounds and smells. Rushing water is a balm for the soul.

Here is a look at those I found.

Enjoy! –HM

Click on the image to see it full size.

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