Welcome to The Outdoor Journal. I am a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, former managing editor for Michigan BLUE Magazine and a freelance writer and photographer in Michigan. My works have been published in a variety of publications including Lakeland Boating Magazine, Michigan Blue Magazine, CanoeRoots Magazine, MLive Media Group newspapers and  others.

What you’ll find here are my musings about nature and various outdoor topics,  many of my published works and select outdoor stories, photos and videos from around the world and the blogosphere. To reach me: howardmeyerson@gmail.com

—Howard Meyerson

19 Responses to About

  1. Tom Hamilton says:

    Hang in there Howard, keep active, and keep writing. As the world of outdoor writers is forced into a new paridymes we sorely need you for your years of institutional knowledge. For example, the younger generation fishing walleye today has no concept of how we started the walleye program in 1977 shocking adults for 3 weeks just to collect 6-jars of eggs to salvage the last small remnants of less than 2000 Muskegon River walleye population. From that effort with the Muskegon pond, Saginaw Bay, Bay de Noc, and all the inland walleye fishing was made possible. You can tell dozens of such stories while you help keep us on track of what is really important today and for the future of Michigan’s natural resources.
    Tom Hamilton, Fishery Biologist (retired)


  2. sandra broecker says:

    i would like your for venison lettuce wrap


  3. Jay Hoekstra says:

    Just found your blog Howard. It is great!


  4. Mike DeVore says:

    Great articles keep up the good work. Time to put pressure on about the alarming decline of salmon in Lake Michigan and the apparent truncation of the alewife population. Please post more on this subject if you can. Other subjects I like to know about is the continuing decline of the whitetail herd and the exodus of generations of whitetail hunters and what is being done.


  5. ronald gerulski says:

    Howard read your article in the bay city times. i am not infavor of this point restriction. i do not think it would be any better then it is now. and it is bad enough for archery,rifle and muzzle loading i personally only seen one (1) deer, and this is on public land. yet for the last 6 years
    i have been applying for and received a doe permit. the dnr needs to shoot more does that way
    the automoble insurance companies well be happy less deer automoble accidents. the agriculature dept. will be happy the deer will not be eating the crops.a few years ago when i
    would go rifle hunting it would not unusual to see 1about 10 deer a day. now the only thing you
    are squirrel and chickaddes. no i am against this proposal.


  6. Jan Gar says:

    Your article in the Jackson Citizen Patroit was a nice welcome to the Michigan bird lovers. But I found identifying birds in black and white , a little hard. With other articles in this newspaper, done in color, this one should also have been done with color pictures. Birds are too beautiful to be seen in black and white.


    • Jan: Thanks for your note. I am surprised to hear that JCP prints the Outdoors page in Black and White. It runs in color in Grand Rapids where I see it and all the photos were color photos. You might want to write the publisher of that paper and let them know your thoughts.


  7. Dave says:

    howard i like your article in the bay city paper on the fish carver there is a wood carvers show in oscoda mi on may 2,3 it would be great if you could come and write on the carvers and woodburnings there is so many that don’t get any great artist


  8. Fred Ward says:

    I love your writings, just read the piece on canoeing Ludington State Park, wonderfully pensive. Thanks.


  9. Scott says:

    Howard, thanks for keeping it reel. Outstanding subjects, professionally delivered. Well done, keep it rolling.


  10. Ken Walker says:

    I liked your article on Cedar creek. Used to fish at the crossings on Algoma road in the late 50’s .Nothing was posted in those days. Wenger and Zaparzynski are helping all flowing water


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