Top 10 Birding Spots In The National Park System

The showy green heron can be spotted in a number of parks, even the predominantly arid Big Bend National Park. Kirby Adams photo.

Birdwatching continues to be highly popular in the United States, drawing millions of people to great places all over the country where they can check one or another species off their life-list.

National parks also prove to be great places to see birds. Among them are places like Arcadia National Park in Maine, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore  in Wisconsin, and Olympic National Park in Washington.

If you enjoy birding and are contemplating a trip to a national park this summer, give some thought to this Top 10 National Parks for Birding list compiled by Kirby Adams at the National Park Traveler Blog. Read more: Birding In The National Parks.

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After more than 30 years in the outdoor writing business, you would think I'd know better.
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