A fine day for a paddle

           Today was one of those fun days. The weather cleared and I had the honor to hook up with the enthusiastic and skilled members of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association who gathered for a spring outing. They brought out an assortment of wood canoe restorations and newer wooden canoes.  Whoever made the chocolate chip and nut cookies should consider going commercial.

WCHA 2015 040

An official paddler’s greeting.

WCHA 2015 009

The beauty of wood canoes

WCHA 2015 019

WCHA president Ken Kelly gets ready to take one out .

WCHA 2015 027  M

Dave McDaniel brings one of his early restorations out of storage .

WCHA 2015 010

Nothing like wood.

WCHA 2015 001 S

Somewhere up north where loons call.

© 2015 Howard Meyerson

About Howard Meyerson

After more than 30 years in the outdoor writing business, you would think I'd know better.
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3 Responses to A fine day for a paddle

  1. Charles Vannettte says:

    Truly beautiful !!

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  2. Duncan says:

    I would argue that all days are fine days for paddling!

    I love the pics. I’ve never had the privilege of paddling a wooden canoe, only aluminum and synthetic fibers. But mark my words, one day, one sweet day, I’m going to build my own cedar strip and paddle off into the sunset.

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  3. Duncan: You won’t get an argument from me on that. And, in case you are interested, here’s the link for the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association http://www.wcha.org/ It is a national organization, with chapters in many states. This group was part of one of the Michigan chapters. They hold a number of outings every year. Thanks for your comment.


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