The Magnesium Fire Starter Scam

Maybe you’ve purchased one – just in case. But does it work? This informative piece by the Fortune Bay Expedition Team suggests that not all magnesium fire-starters are equal. When down to the wire, you’ll want the real deal. FBET also shows you another way to get a fire started with a chewing gum wrapper and battery.  Take a look. The Magnesium Fire Starter Scam | Fortune Bay Expedition Team.

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1 Response to The Magnesium Fire Starter Scam

  1. I’ve been a guide in the Boundary waters canoe area for years and always show clients how to use a magnesium fire starter always without a problem. I must be buying the correct starter. If I was in a serious situation in the wilderness and had one of these cheap ones I would be outraged because your life could be at stake. always buy the top of the line equipment and this is a great example why!


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