Troubling Truths: Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns

Dick Metcalf in Barry, Ill. He said in a column that “all constitutional rights are regulated,” alarming the gun community. Kristen Schmid for The New York Times

Longtime gun columnist, Dick Metcalf, has a compelling story to tell, one about the all too cozy relationship between gun magazines and gun manufacturers. Although he is an ardent gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, he was fired for exercising his First Amendment rights. He said something the gun magazine readers didn’t like, who in turn threatened to cancel their subscriptions. Two key advertisers, both gun manufacturers, worried that customers would boycott their products if they continued to advertise on TV shows and magazines that featured him. Metcalf isn’t alone in the struggle to tell the truth about gun issues as you can read in this story by the New York Times.

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4 Responses to Troubling Truths: Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns

  1. gunsafetypro says:

    It is more like the manufacturers were contacted by customers threatening a boycott and the manufacturers contacting the gun rag for Metcalf to be fired.


    • Good point. I’ve revised the explanation, but still say shame on G&A for letting him go. The larger point the story illustrates is how difficult it is for writers and journalists to say what needs to be said when atmosphere surrounding the topic is so toxic.


      • gunsafetypro says:

        Simple fact is that the gun Prohibitionist movement wants the basic right to self defense to be contingent on a person’s class/financial status. How is there a middle ground to negotiate with that?


  2. mfs686 says:

    What a shame that people who were leaders in the industry are treated like this. I know their pain though. A friend of mine runs a gun show and I help at the front desk. I made a comment about how backgroud checks at these shows wouldn’t be a bad thing based on some of the people I have seen come through here. Some of the dealers were ready to run me out on a rail.


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