Growing concern about Great Lakes nuclear hot spots

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1 Response to Growing concern about Great Lakes nuclear hot spots

  1. Jim Olson says:

    The waters of the Great Lakes Basin are held in trust by government — a public trust — for all citizens for fishing, boating, swimming, bathing, recreation, education, navigation, drinking water, and basic sustainability of quality of life. The trust is a perpetual trust, one that extends across generations and into this 21st century. The Supreme Courts of all 8 Great Lakes states, the U.S. Supreme Court, and Canadian courts recognize this trust and the responsibility that goes with it. Steam electric generating plants use huge quantities of water – they withdraw four times the Chicago diversion every day. The amount not returned in one week 2 billion equals the amount diverted at Chicago in a day. Add the risks of nuclear poison, and it’s time for governments to protect this water, communities, citizens — all 30 to 40 million — from this risk, and to assure no risks like this are expanded or ever taken again. It is and continues to be a violation of the public trust in these waters.


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