Backcountry: Bear Spray

Last year was a bad year in terms of human/bear interactions at national parks. There are some who are suggesting that changes in climate may be contributing to the increase in attacks, having impacted the availability of natural foods.

Whether you agree or not – bear spray is a good precaution and the folks at the National Park Traveler are suggesting that visitors to the backcountry carry it. Here’s a quick read on what constitutes an effective spray and some tips on using it.

Read more: Picking the right bear spray.

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2 Responses to Backcountry: Bear Spray

  1. roberta4949 says:

    I just think they are losing their fear of humans due to feeding and nothing bad happening when they get into peoples yard, people assume if animals are raiding their fields and feeders and barns it is because their natural food is scarce, but life doesn’t work like that, they go where the feeding is easy, regardless of how much natural food there is. if elephants raid a farmers field it is not because there is not enough food (unless a drought is on) but because the food is rich, abundant and they don’t have to work so hard for it. easy picking is all it is (once that fear is gone) bears being omnivores seldom ever have a problem getting enough natural food theyjust have to work harder for it then just stealing the dogs food in the yard, or the shed that has a bag of bird seed in it. in rare instances the food is depleted. but mostly it is natural event. man comes on the scene and picks up the slack of food for them. so man in a way is helping wildlife? don’t know.


  2. Roberta: Much of what has taken place in national parks this last year, involved grizzly bears and mostly unprovoked attacks on humans. And more frequently than in recent history. Bear spray is being promoted as a better and more effective alternative to having hikers carry guns which they may not be good with, especially under the duress of an attack.


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