Suttons Bay Floatilla falls short of world record

A look from inside Saturday’s flotilla on Suttons Bay. The event drew 1,750 canoes and kayaks but fell short of the world record. Photo courtesy of Craig Greening.

Ah, but they tried. That’s more than half the fun.

Organizers for the Suttons Bay Floatilla, the attempt at setting a new world record for the largest raft of canoes and kayaks, managed to pull together 1,750 boats this past weekend, according to a story on MLive today. The group is reported as planning to try again next year.

For now the record remains 1,902 canoes and kayaks. That was set last September on Fourth Lake in New York’s Adirondacks. That event was called “One Square Mile of Hope.” It was sponsored by the Central Adirondack Paddlers Society.

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1 Response to Suttons Bay Floatilla falls short of world record

  1. Shoot, with all those paddles, they could have re-organized and formed the world’s biggest spanking machine.


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