And the clock is ticking….

All Things Great Lakes

In the 1940s, scientists concerned that the world was headed for nuclear holocaust unveiled a clever graphic called the Doomsday Clock.

Given the recent news that Asian carp DNA has been found in Lake Erie — and that the invaders could live in all five Great Lakes — I believe it’s time for a new tool to convey the severity of this catastrophic threat to the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem.

Behold, the Asian Carp Doomsday Clock.

Using the latest scientific information, I will use this clock to relate the risk of Asian carp colonizing the Great Lakes. (My daughter, Jessica, gets the credit for designing the clock).

The Asian Carp Doomsday Clock strikes midnight if reproducing populations of these invaders are found in any of the Great Lakes. Anglers have snagged individual Asian carp in Lake Erie and Lake Huron in the past, but as far as anyone knows the…

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