Going Light: Gossamer Gorilla backpack review

The 2012 Gossamer Gear Gorilla Backpack | Section HikerHiker’s generally agree that next to scenery, good companions and maybe a small flask for a nip at night, nothing makes a hike or backpacking more pleasurable than carrying fewer pounds. And pack manufacturer’s have been responding with new, lighter packs.

Gossamer Gear is one of the companies catering to the ultra-light hiking enthusiast. It’s new Gorilla weighs only 1 pound, 5.1 ounces. That’s incredibly light.

Phil Werner gives a detailed  review of the Gorilla backpack on his Section Hiker blog. If you’re thinking about getting into ultra-light packing or just want to shave a couple of pounds on the load, give it a look-see at: Section Hiker.

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After more than 30 years in the outdoor writing business, you would think I'd know better.
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