Picking a dry suit for kayaking: a primer

Photo by; Bryan Hansel

I confess: I have thought about buying a dry suit for paddling, but my wetsuit has gotten me through everything I’ve encountered on the Great Lakes. On the other hand, I don’t tend to tour far offshore. And, I’m always cognizant of the risks of immersion when I do go out further.

“When the water drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you should start dressing for immersion.”

That’s the starting point for this informative article by Bryan Hansel, a kayak guide in Minnesota and blogger. His blog, Paddlinglight.com, is an excellent place to get tips and advice. Bryan does a superb job of explaining the ins and out of choosing a dry suit. Read more:  Staying Dry

About Howard Meyerson

After more than 30 years in the outdoor writing business, you would think I'd know better.
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