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We’ve all had those trips. The ones that end too soon. The ones where we just want to keep on walking, pedaling, skiing, or paddling until we come full circle ‘round the globe. Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei have done just that. It took them nearly two years, but they completed the first human powered circumnavigation of the world. Recently, we chatted with them about that adventure.

So first off, what on earth possessed you to do this?

Colin: Part of it was the challenge: it hadn’t been done before. And part of it was to prove the viability of human powered transport. If we could go around the world using our own muscles, then surely self-powered transport is practical for local trips.

What were the scariest moments?

Colin: On the rowing across the Atlantic segment, we came within a foot of being run down by a freighter. We were…

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