Snakehead bounty: Maryland offers $200 gift card

The story says: “Coming to a website near you: “Frankenfish” or “Fishzilla” or “The Fish That Ate Maryland.”

It’s a good line for The Christian Science Monitor which reports today that snakeheads have become so abundant in Maryland, so feared because they are challenging bass for dominance, that the state is holding its second annual snakehead bounty contest.

Snakehead a.ka. FrankefishAngler’s that kill one get a $200 gift card at Bass Pro Shops, a Maryland State Passport, unlimited boat launching at State Park facilities and a 10 percent discount on State-operated concessions and boat rentals, or a Potomac River Fisheries Commission fishing license. Anglers killed 82 in the 2011 inaugural snakehead bounty contest. Read more: Bounty

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