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Playing rough: Illegal ORV use overwhelms law enforcement and restoration efforts

By Howard Meyerson TWIN LAKES, MI – With the Labor Day holiday weekend ahead, often a last-hurrah for outdoor weekend warriors, Manistee National Forest staffers say they plan to be on alert for rogue off-road-vehicle riders in the forest. By … Continue reading

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Collaborative Conservation: How hunters help birds

By Howard Meyerson Talking “turkey” would have meant precisely that in the 1930’s, an era when wildlife biologists managed lands for individual species. But state, federal and private (NGO) wildlife managers say the parlance and philosophy of wildlife management has … Continue reading

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25 years later: Michigan wilderness is still an oasis

By Howard Meyerson Some of my favorite times have been spent in wilderness, those far away, wild and remote areas where nature is left alone, where motorized traffic is not allowed, where you might walk or paddle for miles and … Continue reading

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