Howard Meyerson:

Pointe Pelee is a great place to go birding and the marsh area is fantastic.

Originally posted on Ontario Travel Blog:

Michael ZhangGuest blogger Michael Zhang is a professional writer and translator (in Chinese) based in Toronto, Ontario. Michael writes and translates regularly for media both in China and Canada on traveling, lifestyle and culture. His translated works are included on The New York Times Best Seller list and as columns in National Geographic Traveler magazine. He loves traveling, photography and outdoor activities.

I’ve been to Point Pelee National Park many times, sometimes with my wife, sometimes with my wife and friends. In fact, Point Pelee is the park that I showed to some of my friends when they just arrived in Canada as new immigrants. But not until last summer did I find the true beauty of this park at the Southern-most tip of mainland Canada.

I’ve walked the boardwalk, explored the trail and seen the sunrise and sunset over the water. Last summer, for the first time, I sat…

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  1. Trisha says:

    I absolutely agree. I’ve just returned from a short vacation at Point Pelee and I can tell, that it is an amazing place and I was surprised that you can still do and see many things in summer although it is not a very good season for viewing birds, this summer guide to Point Pelee includes several tips how to spend some time there as well. Now I know that I have to visit this place again, and I want to recommend it to everyone who wants to spend an unforgettable vacation.

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